Grout Pumping

We use the same Putzmeister swing-tube line pumps for grouting as well as concrete. The difference for most applications is that we slow down the pumps to a minimum output. For underground grouting the volume measurements are in cu ft per min and with the TK20 we can pump down to 1 cu ft per min at 2000 psi line pressure. That is important for densifying deep soils and lifting heavy structures and buildings. A stroke counter is used to monitor volume of grout pumped in each stage. For small projects that are very difficult or costly to ship large pumps to we use a small hand-carried piston pump powered by a hydraulic power pack.

We use accurate diaphragm line gauges from 30 - 2000 psi to monitor pressures on all of our grouting projects, as precise pressure readings indicate what is happening underground. Custom injection packers and line 1”, 1.5", and 2" are used to handle all of our grouting needs. All can be flown, trucked, or barged to job sites.