Cellular Concrete and Grout

Lightweight Cellular Concrete from 30 pcf low-density grout to 110 pcf for floors, backfill, void fills, abandonments, and slab jacking in cold regions where low weight and good insulation are factors.

Densities from 30 pcf to to 80 pcf with neat cement used for backfill applications where dynamic and or static loading is important. Applications include backfilling marine sheet pile bulkheads with lightweight, structural support without possibility of washing out , filling MSE walls or retaining wall systems, replacing soft ground under roadways, bridge approaches, or runways. The low-density also works well in cold regions when lifting slabs or filling voids to help insulate the ground from

We have 3 foam generators to produce stable pre-formed foam for all cellular applications and do our own field testing for flow and density on every load to determine buoyancy force and volume.