Concrete Pumping

Terry has 40 years of experience pumping concrete with boom pumps including Thomsen, Challenge, and Putzmeister, as well as many line pumps, including Challenge squeeze pumps and Mayco, Schwing, and Putzmeister swing-tube piston pumps.

We currently use four Putzmeister line pumps from the TK20 HP for compaction grouting and shotcrete to the TK70 for larger volume remote concrete projects. Many of the projects are in remote places and difficult to get to so the equipment has to be trucked, barged, or flown in. They also are often done in extreme winter conditions so equipment and lines have to enclosed and heated to keep from freezing. Custom fabricated picking elbows and tremie lines are made for underwater or deep injection applications.

Because of uncertain concrete materials in remote areas, pumping may be difficult or impossible. As I have extensive experience producing concrete, I can usually modify the mix design for pumpability.