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Grouting Services

MCGA uses specialized mixing, testing, and injection equipment, to produce and inject our customized or proprietary grouts to cover a wide range of applications.

Cement-Based Grout

Low-Density Grout or Cellular Concrete Used for

  • Annular Space Grout for Slip-lined Pipes where low-densities in the 40-85 lb/cu/ft are used to control buoyancy force of liner pipes.
  • Abandonment to fill most any size pipe, vessel, or structure over long distances.
  • Void Fills, excellent to fill large voids and stabilize ground with low unit weights.
  • Slab-jacking or slab raising where fluidity and/or insulation properties are needed.
  • Ground Stabilization, used to stabilize problem areas in road beds and bridge approaches by increasing strength and reducing the unit weight of sub-grade material.

Standard weight grouts with or without sand

  • Abandonments and void fills where weight is not a problem or is needed such as wells and tanks.
  • Slab-jacking where heavier more viscous grout is needed.
  • Compaction grouting to stabilize and densify soils.

Chemical Grout Injection

MCGA uses a portable, two component, heated, Polyurethane injection system to fill voids and stabilize slabs as well as lift sunken slab sections with 80 lb structural foam.