Concrete Consulting

Due to many years of remote concrete production, I know what the most cost effective and efficient method to get materials and equipment to most any remote location. Most of my projects are very difficult due to the location and/or characteristics of the job. One such project was coming up with the mix and method to plug the legs of a gas platform 160’ deep in Cook Inlet in 7 knott currents and 40 degree F water temperature. As there was only a 30-40 minute slack tide window every 6 hours for a diver to place up to 16 yards, there was no room for errors. A test batch with vma, plasticizer, and accelerator was successfully completed so that the mix set up in 1 hr without washing out at the bottom of Cook Inlet. A boom pump, 2 mixer trucks, admixes and super bags enough to batch over 100 yrds from Davis Block were mobilized to the Svenja and successfully placed in 5 days.

I work with local providers around the state for materials and/or equipment when possible, or supply what is needed. Many times I use the owner's or contractor's batch plant, trucks, or pump after making sure they are in good working order.

I am in the unique position of understanding the difficult logistics and realities of concrete production and QA/QC, as well as pumping in remote locations under extreme conditions.