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Seward Lowell Creek Tunnel Reconstruction



Seward Lowell Creek Tunnel Reconstruction


In 2003 Alaska Concrete Technologies provided 350 yards of 12,000psi+ silica-fume concrete during extreme winter conditions for the Lowell Creek Tunnel Relining in Seward. Even though Seward has ready-mix plants, they did not have suitable aggregates, or experience to procuce 10,000 psi concrete.Pre-weighed super bags were filled with specially screened aggregates by ACT in Anchorage, and then trucked 150 miles to Seward, along with bags of cement, and admixes.  The bags had to be covered and heated and then batched with heated water to produce the high-strength concrete in sub-freezing temperatures.A portion of the approach flume to the tunnel had water running through porous rocks underneath, creating hydrostatic pressure forcing water up the wall and out cracks. A special expanding grout was used to fill the void and seal off the water.