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Alaska Concrete Technologies Inc can provide many consulting services for the concrete industry. With over 30 years experience in producing and placing concrete and grout, we have driven, shipped, and flown equipment, materials, and personnel to sites around the state. Areas that we have extensive experience include the following:

  • Set up and run the following types of concrete batch plants:
  1. computer-controlled central-mix and dry-batch
  2. manually-operated dry-batch
  3. volumetric mixer
  • Batch concrete using batch plants, volumetric mixer, conventional mixers, and super bags in various combinations.
  • Develope standard as well as high-performance mix designs.
  • Act as liason between contractor, producer, and pump comany to achieve the most efficient and cost effective method to produce and place concrete in difficult weather and/or locations.
  • Provide quality control for contractor or producer on critical projects or high-performance silica-fume concrete.
  • Use cement based or hydrophobic polyurethane grout to seal water infiltration or fill voids.