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Mobile Mixer

Our 8 cubic yard Volumetric Mixer allows for cost-effective on-site production of concrete for any size project. All of the components-stone, sand, cement, water, and admixes are stored in separate compartments on one truck-mounted unit. The materials are metered and mixed continuously into fresh concrete in a special high-shear auger as the Mobile Mixer is being discharged at up to 60 yards per hour. Because it is mixed as you need it, the concrete does not get old and there is no waste. It is also easy to go long distances or take long periods of time to pour and still make spec concrete. Slumps can be changed from wet to dry to wet as needed. Admixtures such as air entrainment, water-reducers, plasticizers, accelerators, retarders, and fibermesh can be added as well.

The truck can also discharge aggregate and or sand separately for backfill in ditches, walls, basements or other voids.

From small dog runs and post holes around Anchorage to 600+ yard commercial projects in remote areas around the state, we do it all.